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2023 – The Data behind the German Digital HRIT Transformation Job Market.


Article posted by Dan Harry

At Uniting Enterprise, we leverage insights through data sourced from our proprietary recruitment software, Xing and Linkedin, to understand key trends across the Digital HRIT job market. This aids us with a unique vision of the market to support both our candidates and clients in their hiring requirements or their job search.


Our latest findings uncovered three hidden gem locations with the fastest growth in number of HRIT professionals:



Greater Munich Metropolitan Region


Frankfurt Rhein-Main Metropolitan Area

Greater Munich Metropolitan Region

Cologne Bonn Region


These competitive areas see fast growth in the number of HRIT specialists attracted to the opportunities offered in the area. Berlin saw significant uplift due to the lower cost of living compared to other regions and generous compensation packages offered to candidates.


In 2021 HRIT specialists’ median tenure was 1.8 years; this has risen 44% to 2.6 years. Two significant reasons for this have kept HRIT specialists in their role:

  1. A shift towards offering greater work experience, looking after employees and emphasising work-life balance.

  2. Job security. During economic uncertainty it is difficult to attract professionals to a new role when they feel they are in a stable position.

Market Liquidity & Reasons To Move

The past 12 months saw X% of HRIT professionals move roles, with remote work noted as the strongest proposition for HRIT professionals to consider. Professionals sought greater work culture and flexible hours over salary as key considerations for a role.

For more insights into the HRIT market, please get in touch with me. I’d be happy to share more specific information that can aid your job search or hiring strategy.