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HRIT professionals with Cloud experience are paid up to 12% more than their peers

Article posted by Dan Harry

Our salary guide revealed that HR professionals with Cloud experience are paid up to 12% more than their peers without Cloud experience.

Hiring across Digital Transformation saw peaks and troughs throughout the COVID-19 pandemic as projects were put on hold in order to comply with strict social distancing regulations. However, the sheer number of companies pursuing digital renovations has now resulted in sweeping demand for professionals. The core hr software market size in Germany was estimated at USD 373.39 million in 2021 and expected to reach USD 421.97 million in 2022.

Dan Harry, HRIT Lead at Uniting Enterprise, said:

“Our findings give us an excellent insight into hiring trends across HR Technology with a clear view that Cloud and Transformation experience is in high demand. Specifically, process and implementation knowledge surrounding HR tech functions owe to the number of current projects underway. Sharing this data with professionals seeking work and with employers means we all have a transparent view of where opportunities are and how best to meet demand.”

Dan expects hiring to remain a challenge in Q4, commenting:

“Although it is excellent to see plenty of opportunities available, experienced talent is limited. We have already seen profound changes within the market this year, and competitive offers declined by leading experts in the field simply because they can cherry pick opportunities. Companies must seriously consider how they will attract and retain candidates for their vacancies to remain competitive.”

Uniting Enterprise’s HRIT Salary Guide shares salary benchmarks, current benefits received by HRIT professionals and the average salary increase required to move role.