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SAP SCM Consultancy Job Openings Vs. In-house in 2022

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Article posted by Matt Ramos

​2022 has seen a meteoric rise in job openings at consultancy practices. Driven by the success of SAP itself, its reported 34% revenue growth in 2021 is owed to the number of transformation projects initiated over the last few years. Considering this, it is an excellent time to be a consultancy practice, who have been well-positioned to take on a plentiful supply of work.

The job market landscape has undoubtedly changed. The growth of consultancies has challenged in-house positions to contend with the competitive offering a consultancy can now make to professionals. With such vast growth comes opportunities for specialists in the field who are looking to consultancy practices for experience in exciting projects across a breadth of industries and technologies.

Why are consultancies successfully attracting the best professionals?

Meeting professionals needs

The agile approach we have seen consultancies take across the start of 2022 when assessing professionals’ requirements when presenting a specialist a job offer has stood them in good stead. They have acted flexibly regarding remote working, salary offering, and presenting a clear vision to specialists.

Although our 2022 research on salaries, benefits, and the German job market is still ongoing, the data reveals that when professionals seek a new role, they would require, on average, a 22% increase in base salary in order to move positions.

Our research has also found that the most important factors to professionals when seeking a new role are flexible working, an immediate change in base salary, and a clear vision/mission. Project size and scope follow behind these three considerations, which play into the hands of the consultancy practices.

Speed in hiring

The speed at which consultancies undertake their hiring initiatives is also a key reason behind their success. An efficient interview process coupled with the open approach to remote working has seen most interviews taken over video calls with offers presented to candidates prior to face-to-face meetings, cutting out vital time in the race for top talent.

Putting DE&I at the centre of the hiring process

Consultancies are taking a pro-active approach to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) initiatives. As DE&I becomes a key focus for many across the working world, our experience has shown consultancies lead the way in implementing DE&I initiatives through the recruitment process. Practices such as inclusive job descriptions, considering qualifications candidates have attained from abroad and drawing up strong maternity/paternity policies for candidates are attractive propositions for all.

If you are looking to expand your SAP teams in Germany or if you are open to discussing the market and its offerings, Uniting Enterprise would be delighted to assist you. Please do not hesitate to contact us.