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Women's History Month and SAP

Women In Sap

Article posted by Matt Ramos

​There have been many testimonies and posts uploaded to celebrate women within the world of SAP and many heartwarming posts offering recognition and praise to their female colleagues. Celebrating diversity is a fundamentally telling feature of any company and a true representation of their culture and forward-thinking nature. It is important to remember how important diversity is to the growth of any business and especially to promote a strong, fair and inclusive brand.

Although these celebrations and articles can be a pleasant read and a positive focus - the eventual goal (in this case) is to displace the idea that IT and Consulting jobs are for men and to have women represented in more diverse and Senior positions.

There is no denying that SAP Consulting is a largely 'male' profession with the vast majority of Consultants and Senior management positions being held by men. It was a real pleasure to represent and work with so many fantastic and ambitious women throughout the last few months and help them find their next step with perfectly matched opportunities within innovative and modern employers in Germany.

Uniting Enterprise saw a very successful March, and within this almost 75% of our placements in to our clients were aspiring and experienced women in to various positions of responsibility. We placed 3 women into Manager+ positions who will offer their experience to help form the strategy and future business acquisition to leading SAP Consulting specialists and a large number of female consultants into the SAP SCM, Finance and HRIS business units of our clients. From our perspective, it is imperative that we support clients who in turn support the growth and development of their present and future employees regardless of their gender, religion or ethnic background. I sincerely hope that our successes will continue to reflect talented women aiding them in reaching their goals.

As Woman's History Month draws to a close it is time to reflect upon all of the female colleagues, family and friends around us and embrace their contributions and support. It is equally necessary to continue this same attitude towards celebration every month, forever. In times like these and where many are feeling the hardships of a global pandemic, it is of paramount importance that we maintain this focus on diversity and equality.

A special mention goes out also to my female colleagues - their positive approach to hard work is inspirational and Uniting Enterprise will continue to support them throughout all of their endeavours. I look forward to working with you all each and every day.

I wish everyone a very successful rest of the year as the first quarter ends and the next begins.